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Santa Marta de Penaguião afirma-se como parte integrante do Alto Douro Vinhateiro, Região Património Mundial. SANTA MARTA, padroeira da Região Demarcada do Douro deu o nome a estas terras. Frei João de Mansilha foi o mentor penaguiense que desenhou o berço da Região Demarcada do Douro.

Santa Marta de Penaguião stands out as an main part of the World Heritage Region. Santa Marta, patron of the Demarcated Douro Region gave the name to these lands. Frei João de Mansilha was the penaguiense mentor who designed the Douro’ birthplace.

Village of Santa Marta de Penaguião
Douro Harvest
The stomp of the grapes – Douro harvest
Vineyards at Autumn
Discover Marão
Vineyards at winter time
Miradouro de São Pedro de Fontes

Santa Marta de Penaguião main events! Visit us!


European Enduro Championship – 13th and 14th of may

The European Enduro Championship returns to Portugal. Santa Marta de Penaguião has the honor of hosting the European caravan.

The European championship starts in Italy and, after passing through our country, it heads to Eastern Europe to play the rounds in Estonia and Poland.

Strictly speaking, „Enduro“ is the name for classic off-road sport and can be translated from Spanish as: „make hard, endure, endure“.

It leads both on public roads and through terrain with different degrees of difficulty. Whether knee-deep sand, the coarsest scree, demanding mud passages, bumpy roots or steep ascents and descents: everything is possible!


Enduro – European Championship 2023

Rampa Santa Marta –  17th and 18th of june

During the month of June, we feel once again the throbbing and roar of engines among our vineyards, a World Heritage Region.

The 8th Rampa Santa Marta showcases once again high-speed races through breathtaking landscapes, full of Douro curves, which promise to accelerate the heart of our village and the one of those who visit us.


Caminhada Noturna – 08th and 09th of july – Viso – Serra do Marão

The Caminhada Noturna (a night walk) from Douro to Marão, a reference event at Berço D’Ouro, provides nature-loving walkers with unforgettable moments of contemplation and festivity with the multifaceted culture present in this unique region of Marão, reviving at the same time an ancient tradition of Pilgrimage to Senhora da Serra.

Next to the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Viso, and in an atmosphere of pure celebration, the night begins with the famous rice and beans cooked in the iron black pot, followed by entertainment until departure time.

Afterwards, the path goes along the slopes of Serra do Marão, the Reino Maravilhoso (wonderful kingdom) of Miguel Torga, mainly responsible for creating a unique microclimate, blocking most external influences with its configuration and height, which allows us to have nectars, generated from grape varieties unique and exclusive to this Douro valley. Arriving at the top of Serra do Marão still under a starry sky and until the sun gives its grace, the onion broth works wonders for those who used up their energy on the climb.

The descent is carried out in a group, with the first rays of light appearing between the treetops, and the journey ends with breakfast, where the protagonist is coffee served in an iron black pot. Don’t miss this opportunity to live and breathe Douro and Marão.


Cultural Week – july 28th to august 1st and the Legend of SANTA MARTA – july 29th

At Berço D’Ouro (Douro’s birthplace) we pay a heartfelt tribute to the will and effort of women and men, who, over the centuries, with work, blood, sweat, suffering and persistent stubbornness, have known and continue to build this monumental landscape that is so genuinely peculiar and grand.

In this sense, the cortejo etnográfico (a ethnographic parade) is held annually during the Semana Cultural  (the Cultural Week) of Santa Marta de Penaguião, Berço D’Ouro. One of the most awaited moments for all the curious who come to know and relive the stories, roots, traditions, origins of those who worked so hard to build this world heritage, this Douro’s birthplace.

On the night of July 29th, the legend of Santa Marta is revived. Santa Marta is the Saint who, under the influence of Friar João de Mansilha, born in these lands, was declared the Patroness of the Douro Demarcated Region and of the General Agricultural Company of the Alto Douro Vineyards in 1756).

According to people in these lands, in times gone by, a French knight who presented himself as Count of Guillon, gave orders to burn the chapel of Santa Marta, and that in the face of that act, Santa Marta ordered the count, as punishment, to plant and take care of a vineyard. After a period of reluctance, the count fulfills his punishment and gets a good harvest, thus recognizing the work of those who worked so hard to build this world heritage, this Douro’s birthplace.

A legend that is not only from Santa Marta de Penaguião, but from the entire Douro!


Representação da Lenda de Santa Marta – Padroeira da Região Demarcada do Douro
Cortejo Etnográfico – Santa Marta de Penaguião

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